Using Natural Ways to Improve Erection

For many men, sexual prowess is a sign of manliness and great self-confidence. Many men dream of having a larger penis to increase their sexual performance. Today, many male enhancement products are available in the market, but you should be warned as these products are not scientifically proven and may bring harmful side effects. Instead of these products, I would suggest using natural and safer ways to enhance the male organs. Ancient records have found that for as long as a thousand years, many men have used natural male enhancement exercises to increase penis length and girth.

These exercises are simple, easy and because they do not involve the use of drugs, are quite safe. Here are several male enhancement exercises to increase penis length and girth.


An easy and simple best penis enlargement pills reviews , stretching requires you to grab the penis and slowly pull it for about 10 seconds. After each pull, massage the penis gently before repeating. Try not to strain too much as it will hurt, and use lubricants if it is hard to hold the penis.

By stretching the penis, you are forcing the tissue to adapt to the strain and enlarge, thus increasing the size of the penis. It is advised to do this routine every once in a few days for about 15 minutes.

Milking / Jerqing

Jerqing is a common penis enhancement method among men as it is quite simple to do. The method is done by wrapping the thumb and the forefinger around the penis (as if creating an okay sign), and slowly move up the shaft towards the head. After you’ve reached the head, stop and switch with your other hand.

For increased effectiveness and great results for, how to make your dick bigger without pills try doing around 100 strokes every few days during the first month, and then gradually increase to a few hundred strokes. It is believed that jerqing forces an increased flow of blood to the penis, forcing the tissues to enlarge. Studies have found that jerqing is quite effective, with around 90% patients reporting an increase in penis size after using this method.


Ballooning is the most difficult exercise of all, and requires you to have great stamina and will. The method is done by holding off ejaculation for a few minutes. This method is known for its effectiveness against premature ejaculation, and can greatly boost your performance in bed.